Life is about taking chances. Enjoying the little things.
Living the best way you can, without any regrets. Be who you want to be. Do what you want to do. Because you know what? You only get one chance at it.
YOLO Cannabis gives you the power to do your best, every single day.


YOLO: You Only Live Once
Let’s face it. The world’s gone a little crazy lately. No doubt about it. But you know what? It’s time for you to step up and get a little crazy with it.

Don’t get us wrong though. YOLO isn’t an excuse to go out and do all kinds of
stupid things. Of course you can if you want. But really it’s about being who you
wanna be. Not caring what others think about you. Making life fun, exciting and
being happy. YOLO is about adventure, taking chances, stopping to smell the

And at YOLO Cannabis, we provide you with products that’ll help you get to where you wanna be. We manufacture high quality CBD and THC edibles for distribution across Canada. And we do so under the watchful eye of our parent company, Leaf and Mark Cannabis.
What makes Leaf and Mark so successful? L&M complete competitive research,evaluate industry data and trends, and think creatively to ensure their products and services are cutting edge, cost-effective and profitable.


Because you know what-YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE.
Do we need to yell it to the heavens or are you starting to get our drift?

And f#@k it. If you only live once, make it good!
YOLO Cannabis was made to help make life good. We manufacture high quality cannabis edibles, from cookies to sour gummies, for distribution across Canada. They’re Delicious. Fresh. Potent. Fun. And they’re a great start to the day. If you want to find out more, check out our product range, or get in touch with our team today!


If you’re new to edibles, you need to be prepared. The effects are a bit different to smoking a joint or using a vape. The potency of the edible, which in our range is anywhere up to 10mg THC / 40mg CBD depending on the product, has a different impact on everyone. Factors playing into it can include whether you have developed a tolerance to THC/CBD, whether you’ve eaten before you take your dose, how much you’re taking, and how efficiently your body digests. According to Health Canada, the effects start an average of 30 minutes to 2 hours after you take


When it comes to YOLO Cannabis, the only downside is that they’re so delicious you want to keep eating them… However, you need to stick to your dose. How do you find that out? Try it. See how you feel a couple of hours later and if you don’t notice a big difference, you might want to increase your dose. Here’s a quick THC guide for starters:

First timer: 1-2.5mg THC can give you mild relief from anxiety, pain, etc.

Medium tolerance: 2.5mg – 15mg THC: stronger pain or anxiety relief and can help with insomnia.

Expert level YOLO: 15mg – 30mg THC: ideal for seasoned cannabis users who have a tolerance.


It depends on who you are and whether you are accustomed to taking THC/CBD products. Generally, they’ll give you a feeling of euphoria. You’ll feel more relaxed, calm and ready to take on the day – or get a great night’s sleep, depending on the dose.
At YOLO Cannabis, we provide a range of options for edibles, including gummies and cookies. They all have different strengths and the type you choose is really just dependant on personal taste. If you like sour lollies generally, you might choose one of our sour twists. If you love a small snack with your cuppa, check out our cream cookies.
Although you can certainly take a dose that’s too high, you can’t “medically overdose” from cannabis, so don’t panic. If you’re feeling the effects too strong, just lie back and chill. It’ll only last for a few hours. Drink lots of water and try not to think too much about how you’re feeling. Worse case, you’ll sleep a lot.